Hair Transplant Success Rate in Turkey

Hair Transplant Success Rate in Turkey

The rate of success of a hair transplant relies on a variety of variables. These include the amount of hair loss, the availability of a donor site and the procedure. With enough expertise, surgeons can attain success rates up to 95 percent. The DHI hair transplant procedure in Turkey is among the most advanced methods of hair transplantation. It utilizes implanter pens to remove hair follicles, and place them on the recipient. This is a major advancement in hair transplant procedures.

The cost per graft in Turkey is 83% lower than in the UK

Turkey is a better option than the UK when it comes to the cost of hair transplants. The UK costs between PS4000 and PS7500 for grafts. However, they are eight times more affordable in Turkey. The cost of each transplant in Turkey is also less than in the UK this is a plus for those seeking low-cost hair transplants.

The average cost of a graft in Turkey ranges from $0 to $12,2. This may vary depending on the currency exchange rate. Turkey’s hair transplant clinics offer packages with prices that range from 4,500 to 4,000 transplants. That means the cost for 2,000 grafts will be exactly the same as the cost for 4,500. The price of grafts will vary depending on the number you require as well as the experience of the doctor.

The cost per graft varies based on number of grafts required

The cost of hair transplant surgery varies widely, however, it’s mostly dependent on the number of grafts need. The procedure is usually priced between $5 to $7 per graft, and the price drops as the number of grafts increases. The FUE technique is a bit more expensive than strip surgery, but it comes with many advantages. Below are some important facts you should know.

Price per graft is dependent on many factors including the kind and color of your hair. For instance, if the hair on your scalp is light-colored it will cost more than those with dark hair. Also, thick hair requires more grafts than thin hair.

The cost per graft will depend on the number of grafts required

A hair transplant procedure costs around $100 per graft. Based on the area of your head and the quality of the donor hair, you could need as few as 200 grafts or as many as 2000. One graft is equivalent to 1-4 hairs.

The cost of a hair transplant varies on the surgeon selected and the type of hair transplant. A hair transplant procedure lasting two hours may cost between $3 to $10 per graft. The kind of hair loss and the procedure’s difficulty can also determine the cost per graft.


The surgeon who performs hair transplant surgery in Turkey is an essential element in determining the success of the procedure. It is difficult to choose the best clinic in Turkey that offers this procedure. There are a variety of clinics that offer this procedure. There are numerous factors you should consider, such as the surgeon’s experience, the cost of the procedure as well as postoperative treatment.

The most popular hair transplant procedure in Turkey is FUE. FUE is a procedure that involves the removal of hair from a piece of tissue taken from a donor. The donor area must be a dense hair follicles. The tissue will be implanted on the recipient site. The procedure can cost anywhere from $1700 to $1700.

FUT’s efficacy

Although FUT is a viable option for some men, the procedure is not without its drawbacks. The first is that the mark that is left over after the procedure is permanent. Furthermore, it’s not as precise as FUE and the outcomes won’t appear as natural as those obtained by FUE.

FUE is more expensive than FUT, however FUT is not always the best option for everyone. to consider your overall health and the type of hair loss you have before deciding on the best treatment. If the loss of your hair is extreme or you’re suffering from a condition like alopecia, a FUT treatment might not be suitable for you.