Improve Your Lifestyle – Why Small Wins Can Make a Big Difference

If you’re asking yourself right now how can I get rid of my fear of change, or lack of confidence in your own abilities, it’s because you’ve lived a lifestyle that has lacked confidence. Most often, we start out with good intentions but then we make some changes, some of which are great and beneficial, and then we wonder why it’s still not turning out as we’d hoped. Well, maybe we just haven’t found the right answers yet. It’s really important to start with a positive frame of mind. You see, there’s something else that comes into play when we make changes in our lives. The very fact that the changes to be made are so challenging-often difficult-earned habits, which invariably pop-up on our faces without our even knowing they’re there at all times, are frightening.

And so, even when there are good reasons to make these changes, and even when the circumstances call for it, many people find themselves lacking in confidence. It’s not always about having low self esteem. Indeed, studies have shown that healthy people tend to have higher self esteem than unhealthy people. But healthy people are also more likely to have a healthy body weight, are physically active and generally have a balanced diet.

So, what is it about living this lifestyle that causes doubt and lack of confidence? The truth is, it’s not so much the challenges of change that bother us, but rather the soulset that is the backbone of these habits. And it’s not just one’s habits that are at issue, but rather the whole lifestyle. That means eating foods that are balanced, regular exercise regularly, getting enough sleep, working smart, playing smart…the list goes on. Changing lifestyles means learning new habits.

So if changing a lifestyle is so challenging and what triggers doubts and lack of confidence is the subset that has guided that lifestyle for years, how do we insure that all will go smoothly? We begin by making good choices and decisions. This includes choosing healthy habits to help maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. When a person’s lifestyle is in harmony with their own inner “self” and with the “spirit”, then they are at ease and confident.

As part of the holistic picture of wellness, mental health, physical health and nutrition, we believe it is essential to balance your lifestyle with your body, mind and spirit. This involves creating a quality lifestyle where you are physically, mentally and emotionally in total harmony. A happy, healthy and successful lifestyle is a source of happiness and satisfaction for yourself and for others. And, most importantly, it has a powerful affect on the quality of your life. You can build a strong foundation for your own inner happiness and personal success by choosing your own healthy habits and lifestyle.

For example, it’s important not to let negative thoughts cloud your thinking or your emotions as they might do. A major obstacle to your success in any area is no longer having negative thoughts, but also having positive thoughts and using them to take charge of your destiny. So, don’t be afraid to change your mindset. When you choose to eat healthy foods, take time to exercise and share positive information with close friends, you are taking one small step toward creating a more secure and confident lifestyle.

In addition, you need to be confident in yourself. Many people today live from day to day with low self-esteem because they are not confident in their abilities. Lack of self-confidence and being too afraid to make changes in your lifestyle are a major cause of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. And, if you don’t feel comfortable making changes in your life, why should you expect others to do so for you?

It’s true that some lifestyle changes will not be easy and it will not be quick. However, the journey itself is what makes you feel alive and excited about reaching your goals each day. Changing your mindset and developing a stronger sense of self-confidence is one of those small wins. Your new found confidence will help you become more assertive in your relationships and in all areas of your life. Once you have developed this new mindset and improved self-esteem, you will find yourself ready to tackle any challenge head-on and achieve the success and the lifestyle you desire.