Northridge Residents-What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet!

blocked toilet with baby wet wipes.

There are certain things in the home that Northridge residents should never flush down the toilet. Besides clogging pipes, they can cause a lot of problems in the Northridge area. In addition to clogging the pipes, these objects can also damage your plumbing if you are a property owner. Here are some common household items that you should never flush down your toilet. Keep reading to learn how to keep your drains free from these common messes! So, you do not have to call or pay plumbers Northridge to unclog your pipes!

Towels and Q-Tips are a common culprit for clogging your toilet. Tissues are not broken down as toilet paper does. They can also clog pipes. And baby wipes are too absorbent and soft to be flushed. Instead, throw them in the trash. Even some of these products claim to be flushable but are not safe to flush. So, don’t waste money on a product that you can’t use!

Baby wipes, and feminine products are also not suitable for flushing. Tissues and baby wipes do not break down properly, so flushing them down your toilet will cause clogging and a backed-up drain. You can safely dispose of them in the trash. Just remember to discard them after you use them. Some of these things may be okay for the garbage can, but not for your toilet.

Diapers are a common household item that should never go down your toilet! They’re not designed to break down easily when flushed. Also, due to the size, they will blog the U-bend instantly causing further flushing to come over the toilet rim and disperse onto the floor! Using diapers in the bathroom will result in a clogged toilet and waste in your plumbing. It can also snag your pipes. So, it’s best to stick to toilet roll when flushing the toilet. This will prevent the problem of clogging your toilet.

Among the most common household items that shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet are paper towels and Kleenex. They do not dissolve in water and are never safe for flushing. Additionally, disposable tissues and Kleenex can cause clogged sewage pipes and a flooded home. Using disposable tissues or wipes is a huge waste, and you should never use them down the toilet.

Many people don’t realize that these types of household items can cause a clog in the pipes and lead to major plumbing issues. Likewise, sanitary napkins, and facial wipes should not be flushed because they will clog the pipes. The problem with these items is that they contain fat, which is a substance that can affect entire communities. Not only do they clog the pipes, but they can also damage septic tanks.