Signs That Your Partner is Cheating

Signs That Your Partner is Cheating

Are you aware of the signs that your partner is cheating? If so, you should be aware of the following: Closed doors, excessive testosterone rush during sex, Changing body language and a lot of unusual behaviour like staying out late or working over time. If these things are happening in your relationship, he might be cheating. If you can identify any of these signs he’s cheating, you should confront him and have a heart-to-heart and confront him. If he starts treating you like you are not his priority, he might be cheating on you.

Closed doors hide secrets

Closed doors can be a tell-tale sign of a cheating partner. The signs of cheating include hiding credit card bills, keeping a secret Gmail account, or never leaving the phone around. He may also dress differently, stay out late with no explanation or pretend he’s working late in the office. Affairs usually start with office colleagues where it is difficult to confront him without making a scene or drama. Here are the most common signs of cheating:

Excessive testosterone rush during sex

The reason men are more likely to cheat on their partners is unclear. There are many causes of infidelity, but some recent research suggests that excessive testosterone levels in men are linked to cheating. To test the hypothesis, researchers analyzed the saliva samples of nearly four thousand healthy men aged 18 to 74. They then compared the levels of testosterone in men to those of women.

Higher testosterone levels in men are often a warning sign of infidelity. High levels of testosterone can also lower the immune system, so men with higher testosterone levels are less likely to protect their bodies from harmful external influences. Nevertheless, if your partner shows signs of being unfaithful, you should consult a doctor. A checkup at a doctor’s office will help you determine if the issue is something more serious than a low testosterone level. Further, it is possible that depression or anxiety is affecting your sex drive. If you have been battling depression or anxiety, you should consult a counselor or therapist.

Changing body language

Changing body language is one of the most obvious signs of cheating. A cheating partner will do anything to keep up appearances, from changing his hair and facial expressions to changing his cologne and fragrance. Oftentimes, cheaters will try to cover up their tracks by showering more or purchasing new cologne. These signs indicate that your partner may not be being who you think he is.

If you see your man’s body language changing, it’s time to take action. He’s probably not happy with you, and that means that he’s finding happiness elsewhere. If your man is making you feel angry, he’s probably not 100% committed to you. He’s probably avoiding your questions and redirecting the conversation to avoid you. He may even be planning a surprise and wants you to connect more with him.

Observing his actions

Observing his actions as a sign of his cheating may be easy, but there are many other signs you should look out for. For instance, your man might have an extra cell phone. He may use it to send and receive private texts and phone calls. You may also notice that he has been spending too much on meals and drinks or even renting a hotel room. This may be an indication that your man is not completely committed to your relationship, but if you’re worried, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for these signs.