Top Restaurant for a Romantic Date

Going out to dinner with your significant other can be an extremely romantic experience. Whether you’re going in together, celebrating your anniversary, or simply want to impress that crush you’ve been dating for three months, the proper restaurant is out there — if you know exactly where to look. To help, as in Cupid, we rounded up 15 of NYC’s most romantic restaurants. Each one offers a unique setting — in some cases, only two people can be seated at a table, making for an intimate dining experience — and will give the sweet romantic touch you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for elegant, romantic candlelit dinners, sumptuous pastas, delectable pizzas, or intimate conversations filled with heartfelt chitchat, we guarantee you’ll find it in New York City.

The Restaurant at Westport Wholesale is a fantastic spot for a date night. The spacious restaurant seats eight, and offers breathtaking views of Manhattan from their windows. The restaurant is housed in a classic, historic building, and the staff are friendly and helpful. The menu offers a variety of entrees, from appetizers to starters, main courses to desserts, and is reasonably priced. If you want to take your date to a classy restaurant, this is the perfect combination.

After reading reviews of this restaurant, my hubby confidently recommended it to my girlfriend, and she had a wonderful experience dining here. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is perfect for a date night. We both loved the menu and the atmosphere and definitely would be back if she wants another great dining experience.

Spago Boston is an upscale Italian restaurant that seats only thirty. Their extensive menu offers a variety of items for couples and includes things like pasta, lasagna, pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, and desserts. Everything is delicious. Although I don’t typically dine out on a Friday or Saturday night, I have no problem going here for Italian food on occasion. The quality of this restaurant is excellent, and their service is also top notch.

If you are looking for a Montpellier hotel for a romantic date night, The Hotel de Crillon in Montpellier is the perfect combo. The hotel itself overlooks the Loire River and has a beautiful view of the city. The decor is high class, and the staff are very helpful. We enjoyed our meal, and the wine was superb. The restaurant is very popular, especially on weekends. On our date night, we ordered an appetizer and a bottle of wine and enjoyed our time there thoroughly.

There are many restaurants that cater to singles and couples alike. However, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for couples just like me. With such a variety of choices, it’s hard to decide which restaurant to choose. The top two restaurants on my list are Duopool in Paris and L’Orient in New York City.

Duopool is located in New York City’s Lower East Side. This is an authentic, French-inspired restaurant that offers a great menu. There are over forty five different kinds of dishes to choose from on their menu. On our date night, I opted for the duck liver with sauteed mushrooms and a Creole sauce, or for a lighter meal, I ordered the black forest mushroom omelet, accompanied by some Aubergine potatoes and a red Chardonnay.

The other great French restaurant for a romantic night out is L’Orient. While it is not on the Upper East Side of New York, I found a fantastic restaurant that is not too far from my home in Brooklyn. The romantic atmosphere and impeccable service were the perfect combination for our date night. I ended up recommending this restaurant to a few of my girlfriends, so it made it onto my best-of-the-restaurants list.